Abbie’s Experience:
We spent the morning in Auschwitz. I was really surprised how beautiful the grounds and buildings were. How ironic that such a beautiful place had such a horrific history! Seeing the faces, touching the walls, walking on the same trails and hallways made it all the more real. What a surreal experience!

Molly’s experience:
Auschwitz made me feel guilty. I walked down the hall with pictures of now voiceless faces, keeping my head down so I didn’t have to look into their direct stare. My thoughts were clouded by the eerie whispers reminding me that I was free and they were trapped in the frame on the cold concrete wall. I walked out the door, peeking back for some closure or reassurance, but the only answer I got back was the cold silence that only death itself creates. I walked to the execution wall where candles and flowers replaced the people who once stood in the last moments of their life. In my heart I wanted to make the moment I was in unforgettable . So I walked up to the wall and turned around imagining it was my last moments as well, saying to myself, “Molly this was real” and then I unknowingly replied, ” No Molly, it wasn’t just was real, this is still real” with the imaginary sound of a gunshot bringing me back to reality.


We have walked away from this place with a new perspective of God’s grace and the brokenness of a world without him.